How to Use BLOOM Arousal Gel

How to Use BLOOM Arousal Gel

People use arousal gels, stimulating creams and personal lubricants for all sorts of reasons, and it’s time we begin talking about it! Yes, it can be nice to maintain some discretion when it comes to matters of the libido, but we can’t be so discreet that it leaves people wondering how to have good sex. So, we’re starting by giving a play-by-play on how to use our female arousal gel, BLOOM.

1) Dispense It

Starting with a pea-sized amount, dispense the gel onto your fingertip. A little bit goes a long way and you can always add more as you go.

2) Apply It

Beginning with your clitoris, apply the gel directly to your entire vaginal area. We’re talking labia majora AND minora, and maybe even a bit near the perineum (between the vagina and anus).

It won’t take much to start feeling the effects, and if after a few minutes you’re enjoying it and want to up the ante, feel free to try another pump!

3) Massage It

Guided by your pleasure preferences, massage the gel into the areas that feel good for you—follow your instincts. You will start to feel the tingling and stimulating sensations pretty quickly, so let yourself lean into those feelings and allow them to bring you to new, exciting and very sensual places.

4) Go With It

Go with the flow. Literally. You may be surprised by how much natural lubrication comes to the party, and remember, that’s a good thing. This lubrication helps prevent potentially painful friction and gets your “O-face” going and glowing.

5) Do It

Now that your body is ready and raring to go, it could be a good time to turn up the volume; try out some new moves, some old moves, some experimental moves, or some newly-enhanced tried-and-true moves. And, yes, you can do all the oral things as well (just don’t intentionally eat a ton of it).

Feeling comfortable using arousal gel may take some getting used to and that is totally okay. You’re putting a new substance on your most private areas for goodness’ sake! Take your time to experiment by yourself or with a partner (or two), and find out how BLOOM Arousal Gel works best for your body.

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